The Congress

Historical and current
  • Taking place in Porto Alegre/RS, the 13° World Hearing Voices Congress will be the first one in Latin America. Each year, with support of Intervoice, a different network or national organization assembles the World Hearing Voices Congress.

    These conferences are a great opportunity to bring together voice-hearers, family members, supporters, mental health professionals, researchers, academics and other allies to think, share, learn and connect.

    The World Hearing Voices Congress is a time for us to bring together people from all over the world: those who hear voices and experience other unusual phenomena, as well as those who wish to learn from us and those we choose to ally with.

    It's a space to connect, gain strength, share knowledge and push and stretch the limits of our understanding. Together, we are not alone.

    Discover Past conferences here.

Thematic Axes

  • 1. Inspiring approaches: how can we change the relationship with the voices? How to live better with them despite the persistence of voices?

    2. What are the non-oppressive and inspiring approaches that can move us forward in terms of social inclusion?

    3. Diversity, rights and alternatives: Hearing voices is itself a human phenomenon as diverse as human nature can be.

    4. What is the place given to alternative approaches and how do we support their development and accessibility;

    5. The development of the voice hearers movement in Brazil;

    6. Empowerment of the hearers and the network: how to stand up against prejudices related to the phenomenon of voice hearing?

    7. How can we support the growth of the international voice hearers network and connect us with other social networks?

    8. Development of research from the perspective of voice hearers;

    9. Art as a way of expression of the voices;

    10. The movement in the debate on violence, gender, race and social exclusion.